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October 30 2017

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October 16 2017

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October 13 2017

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October 05 2017

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arrives 15 minutes late to avenge with starbucks

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September 26 2017

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September 14 2017

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September 05 2017

Hulk #3 variant cover by Dan Mora.
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Joshua Middleton variant cover (Forbidden Planet exclusive) for Harley Quinn 25th Anniversary Special #1.
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August 31 2017

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August 28 2017

August 26 2017

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August 17 2017

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August 16 2017

Speedster Evolution
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August 15 2017

Spidey Evolution
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July 24 2017

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GCU Blue Bats
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July 18 2017

The Extraordinary League of Dimwits
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